12 Demos!

Landing Pages

When you purchase this UI Kit, you get access to a robust suite of powerful landing page demos to help you get started.

Demo 1 - Multipurpose
Demo 2 - Mobile App
Demo 3 - Desktop App
Demo 4 - Agency
Demo 5 - Lead Capture
Demo 6 - Press
Demo 7 - Directory
Demo 8 - Rental
Demo 9 - Real Estate
Demo 10 - Classifieds
Demo 11 - Resume
Demo 12 - Portfolio
19 Pages!

Inner Pages

A group of pre-build inner page demos are available to get your started when building out the rest of your project!


Header Examples

Build your own landing page by starting with one of these customizable header examples! You can customize the colors, content, borders, and more!

Demo 1 - Basic
Demo 2 - Basic (Signup)
Demo 3 - Graphic
Demo 4 - Graphic (Signup)
Demo 5 - Inner Page
Demo 6 - Nav Only


Comprehensive documentation includes usage instructions, component reference, and utility class usage instructions

Custom/Extended Components

We've extended and restyled Bootstrap's default components, and built a suite of new custom components.

Pre-Built Page Examples

Our pre-built page examples are a perfect way to get inspired for creating new pages and views.

Custom/Extended Utilites

We've extended and created new utility classes to give you more control over your content with minimal custom CSS.